Precautions against Coronavirus and COVID-19

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has today made a statement regarding Coronavirus and COVID-19. (Please see this page.) A number of preventative measures are being put in place for example the closure of schools and colleges and the cancellation of mass gatherings over 100 people (indoors) and over 500 people (outdoors). Many workplaces will remain open but people are being advised to observe heightened levels of hygiene to prevent the spread of infection and also to reduce and minimise social interactions.

Westside Resource Centre is open and operating as normal. However, we are observing the precautions that have been advised to prevent the spread of the virus and all building users and visitors are requested to follow the official guidance which has been posted up throughout the building. Until further notice, Westside Resource Centre will not be providing a computer access service to members of the public.

We will endeavour to keep this page updated if there are further developments and we trust that - through all of our combined efforts - the impact of the virus will be minimised as much as possible.

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